¡Let’s be Gone Dancing!

Gone Dancing encompasses renowned dance schools, well-known organizers, and experienced teachers, as well as emerging talents, enthusiastic dancers, and individuals interested in dancing.

Our platform serves as the digital dance floor for the entire industry: whether it’s about events, exchange, or information, Gone Dancing not only provides the best overview but also offers easy and secure access, along with exclusive deals from our qualified dance partners.

We are Gone Dancing

Who is behind Gone Dancing? Dancers. Professionals. Talents. But above all: people who love what they do. The company was founded with decades of experience in the dance and digital industry and a firm belief that there is a need for a professional, secure, and user-friendly platform for dancers all around the world.

What can you expect from Gone Dancing?

  • Intuitive interface
    Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, thanks to our clear user interface, it is easy to find suitable classes, festivals, or events.
  • Networking
    The globally oriented network of Gone Dancing helps you to increase the visibility within the industry and enable individuals interested in dancing to build up their network from a user-friendly platform.
  • All-in-one information portal
    We provide in-depth articles with extensive information in the fields of dance and music. From dancers to those aspiring to become dancers.

In short: less clicking, more jumping, spinning, and kicking! Gone Dancing saves your time on tedious research, so there is more time left for dancing.

Our guidelines

Authenticity & Responsibility

Gone Dancing partners can independently maintain, update, and customize their content.

We place great emphasis on the quality and authenticity of all content, particularly on responsible handling of media, protecting copyright, and personal data.

Fairness & Unity

An essential aspect of the Gone Dancing philosophy is to keep the conscientious and respectful interaction, whether it is a competition and collaboration.

Our offerings and content aim to create an overall positive and trustworthy atmosphere.

Awareness & Success

Gone Dancing utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure the best possible experience for all participants on our platform. This includes optimal presentation of our partners as well as an intuitive and engaging experience for individuals interested in dancing.

We value feedbacks from our users and partners. Gone Dancing will be continuously optimized based on their feedback.