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Gone Dancing is the first professional platform for dancers, dance teachers, schools, and event organizers from around the world. Come experience Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Zouk and let yourself be inspired by the people behind the art of dance and music!

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From rhythms to music to global movement: How did Salsa originate? How has Tango evolved? What does Kizomba actually mean? On Gone Dancing, you will find interesting articles and posts about the historical and cultural backgrounds of your favorite dance styles.

Based on our thorough research, we introduce the musical icons, legends, and creative minds behind various styles and genres, providing both insightful details and easy-to-understand overviews. By dancers, for dancers.

Salsa – Latin rhythm meets Bronx beat

Spanish Harlem, in the late ’60s, at the center of Latin culture in New York, a new beat conquered the streets and started a music revolution.

History, dance styles, icons: Get to know the fascinating world of salsa and learn anything about dance, music and culture!

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Bachata– The rhythm of dominican passion


Sensual, playful, energetic: what is it that makes Bachata so seductive? What does it express? And why is it so popular? Find out here!

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Kizomba– Angola’s rhythmic heritage


What does Kizomba mean? Where does the dance, the music, the movement come from? Find everything you need to know about the recent, characteristic dance genre.

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